Thursday, April 17, 2008

say. it. isn't. so.

No one can say that Mary Kate Olsen isn't willing to take fashion risks. Recently she was seen out in New York wearing a GORGEOUS vintage Missoni gown, mustard leather clutch, and what appears to be a steering wheel cover on her head.

After the whole Prada silk "swami" headband debacle of last year, she was just starting to get better at hair accessories (I can hardly wait to snap up one of those adorable frayed Chanel headbands from the Fall 08 collection). But what exactly is she wearing here? Who let her leave the house this way?


Anonymous said...

That dress is pretty, but it would look better on someone who's taller. The headband is ugly.

julie said...

I don't care if it's Marc Jacobs, it's tacky.

kate said...

very ugly indeed. but i am more interested in the frayed chanel headbands you mention. have you been able to find a picture anywhere? i'd love to see.