Monday, April 21, 2008


I've started subscribing to more magazines as of late - it's not a necessity, but when one issue costs $3.99 (or more) and an entire year-long subscription is only $12.99, it's hard to pass up.

My latest subscription is to the design magazine Domino. Most design or architecture mags are a bit too frou-frou for my taste, but Domino is a touch more spritely and a lot less fussy.

In the current issue, I've fallen in love with the style of designer Fawn Galli (who will help you to redesign/redecorate your home for $125/hour). The magazine not only features her talent, but also her home:

With an aesthetic that's bursting with whimsy, a home designed by Ms. Galli would certainly be one you'd relish coming back to!

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Good-Grace said...

Domino and Lucky are two of my most favorite magazines. I swear, it borders on addiction. I nearly become rabid if I misplace an issue before I've had a chance to pour over it (and dog-ear nearly every page).

(loving your blog...)