Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are . you . going . on . vacation?

I have to be upfront and admit that I have a love.adoration of oversized bags - structured, slouchy, adorned - they're statement pieces and pretty practical too, as they hold everything.

However, after seeing bags in the 2008 SS and Fall collections, even I have to wonder, when is a bag too big? Is there a point where it stops looking like a handbag and starts looking like carry-on luggage?

In their Fall 08 collection, Herm├Ęs showed oversized versions of the gorgeous Birkin bag, while this past Spring, Mulberry came out with a gigantic patent version of their Roxanne bag. (I saw the Roxanne when I was just in Las Vegas, and it really is that large - it's not just tiny models that make it seem that way.)

What do you think? Are handbag sizes getting out of hand?


Anonymous said...

While these bags are beautiful - who would actually carry one for very long? If you had anything in them (which would be the point!) they would be too heavy!

anne said...

I really would love that Birkin, but if you put anything more than a wallet in it it would be too heavy!