Monday, June 23, 2008

using . things . differently

I to redecorate. It doesn't take me very long to get tired of something - after a year, I'm ready for a new bedspread, accent pillows, lamp shade, etc. But of course it's not always practical nor economical to just go out and buy new (esp. when there's nothing wrong with the old).

Which is why the design ideas below are perfect! They allow you to change the look of a room with items that you'll already have lying around the house:

(1) Grab some empty tea canisters (or coffee, biscuit tin, etc.) and use as a vase; (2) Use wooden clasp hangers (meant for skirts or slacks) as picture "frames"


Jessie Cacciola said...

I LOVE this look. i love displaying random clippings, and this bench sofa is great.

Anonymous said...

The picture display is so clever - and you can find those hangers for next to nothing at tag sales ---

Georgia B. said...

oh, this is great! love the hanger idea. i actually use this in the kitchen to hang recipes from a cabinet know while i am cooking. but i never thought to use it for art! how very clever!

and, i live that couch! i wish i had seen this picture when i did my recent post about everything orange on Jorjah-B.

oh, where can i get a couch like that?? it's so great!