Monday, June 30, 2008

they . said . what?

Today I was reading through a small backlog of celeb fashion posts on AOL, all along the lines of "do or don't." When I came to a post of Sarah Jessica Parker at the MTV movies awards, I couldn't believe the caption that went with the photo:

"Sarah Jessica Parker repurposes her '80s movie wardrobe in a glittery brown L'Wren Scott mini and Christian Louboutin lace-up booties at the MTV Movie Awards. Note to SJP: girls might want to have fun, but ladies should dress their age."

What? Okay, this isn't my favorite outfit, but that aside, "ladies should dress their age"??? This sounds as though it's right out of a 1930s etiquette book. Now there are times when people dress innappropriately, but if at 43 I have legs and abs like SJP, I'll be wearing a mini skirt 24/7, thank you very much.

Pretty Little World sends a big thumbs down to AOL.

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