Friday, August 29, 2008

A . Charmed . Life

I have an obsession with oversized, chunky jewelry - rings, necklaces, bracelets - anything that's unique, pretty, and a statement piece. Necklaces can be the trickiest of the group however; if the designer hasn't gotten it just right, you could wind up looking like you're going to a Halloween party.

This is precisely why I love Madame Fortuna's utterly amazing, one-of-a-kind creations - a necklace of hers would look just lovely worn over a simple tee. She had the brilliant idea to take individual brooches and then combined them with strands of pearls and silvery chains to make stunning necklaces:

You can buy directly from her shop or request a custom order. (and I just have to add that it's a good thing that ETSY doesn't make buyer's information public, or I'd have to track some people down and steal their custom baubles!!)



anne said...

Oh my you're right, these are stunning!

Project Ecoart said...

OMG - Amazing!

Anonymous said...

These would be really gorgeous with just about anything. They're so unusual and pretty.

jess said...

It looks great, i really like the one with the pocket watch

Natalie said...

since reading your blog, i've become more and more enamored with this kind of jewelry. these necklaces are so gorgeous! and i love the idea of transforming a collection of brooches into a dramatic neck piece. awesome.