Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yesterday was spent in a district in Seoul called Insadong. The area is in the northern part of the city, and is known as their antiques/arts district. Every Saturday and Sunday Insadong-gil (a street) is closed off from traffic. Along with having all of the antiques shops on the streets opening their doors, additional vendors come to pedal their wares:

You can find almost anything here: old coins, embroidery, jewelry, tons of hand-made pottery, wood carvings, and a lot of amazing food (and drinks later at night!!).

What else can you do here? Try roasted silk worms from a vendor near the end of the street:

I decided to try them, because when else would I have the chance, right? If you ever get the opportunity to snack on roasted silk worms, it should not be for the taste (which is really.really.really. not good).


itsallaboutthecats said...

Just that you tried roasted silk worms means that you are very brave - or very crazy! Either way - thanks for saving the rest of us from having to try them!

Project Ecoart said...

Very cool...I hope to see more of Seoul! The vacation I didn't get to take this summer!

Natalie said...

i really, really love the photo you took of the colorful fans, and i'm really, really, in awe of your willingness to eat roasted silk worms!

Good-Grace said...

Wow... that is soooo adventurous of you. I'm absolutely amazed ... and partially in awe. I *never* would have had the courage to try the worms. Good for you!! (And thanks for sharing ... now the rest of us know we are *not* missing something amazing.)

Joanna Goddard said...

love these photos! thank you for sharing xo