Wednesday, August 27, 2008

(Don't) . GO . International . at . Target

Though I don't work for Target, it seems to me that the original intent behind GO International -- capsule collections created a few times a year by fashion designers -- was to provide high-end looks for those on a low-end budget. For awhile, they succeeded at this: Luella Bartley's apple print collection was charming and fun, and Proenza Schouler managed to recreate their bustier dresses and tops for under $60.

Maybe Target no longer appeals to designers the way that it used to, or perhaps , like everything else, the cost of fabric and production has gone up considerably. Whatever the case, the GO International line is just, quite frankly, blah.

The Botkier and Gryson handbag lines have been unattractive and some even used pleather! Most recently, Richard Chai's clothing collection went on sale, and I couldn't be more bored. This is absolutely the cutest look that you can put together from his collection:

I'm sorry, but this is an outfit that you could put together at Forever21 for about $15.00.

Whatever formula Target and their earlier GO designers used, they should get back to it, because their current equation is clearly not working.


lena said...

I don't like this outfit either. the colors are cute, but it looks like it could've been made by anybody.

Anonymous said...

It's cute, but you're soooo right about Target. i haven't found anything there in forever.