Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall . Into . The . Gap

I used to like shopping for things at The Gap - they were always a good go-to store for basics. But the last time I remember having this feeling was a good five years ago. One day The Gap just became frumpy and way too overpriced for what they had.

Cut to: Fall 08.

I don't know if it's recent collaborations with designers like Philip Lim, or if Patrick Robinson has finally found his footing, but The Gap has two things going for them this fall: A killer print ad campaign, and **gulp** cute clothes.

...also, who knew that Amanda Peet's husband (screenwriter David Benioff, second photo) was so gorgeous??!!


Anonymous said...

I just said exactly the SAME thing to my husband - I have not shopped GAP for years - I just went in - the wide-leg trouser jeans in different lengths are great as are the scarves and tops - what a nice change -

lena said...

their prices seem A LOT better too -- I got a couple of cotton & cashmere sweaters for $38 each!!