Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It . Was . That . Bad

So last night I finally managed to make the time to go see Twilight. I've read all four books, quite liked them, and couldn't wait to see this movie.

I absolutely wish I had never gone to see it.

This is potentially one of the worst films that I have ever seen. Instead of a fully fleshed out story, it felt like a weak outline (and the people I went with who haven't read the books thought this as well). Except for Charlie, Bella, and Edward, the entire film was horribly miscast. The script was dreadful. The direction was somewhere between, "If I force myself to choke on my popcorn, this will all be over faster" and "Gnawing my own skin off would be a bit more pleasant."

The only two positive things that have come out of the existence of the film: (1) Pictures of Robert Pattinson plastered everywhere; bad movie aside, he's still gorgeous (2) Lots of pretty fashion (hello Gucci boots!!) in magazine pictorials for promotion.


Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed with this movie too :( I read the books and really thought the movie would be good, but blah, not good at all.

Charm said...

I agree- it was truly a terrible movie.

Lesley said...

AMEN! And they are making another one! But more Robert at least! He's drool worthy!