Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello . New . Year

Rather than do a "look back" post at the end of 2008, lets take a peek ahead at how (certainly) fabulous 2009 will be!

What to look for in the new year:

(1) Bright.bold.colorful Mini Skirts:

(2) Yellow.Yellow.Yellow:

(3) Pretty Sea Blue:

(4) DIY Decorating, design rules be damned. Bold wallpaper, bright colors, handmade installations, finding a unique way to display your prized possessions, etc. etc. -- anything goes. Want to artfully pile things on the floor? Why not!!

(5) Movies that don't treat us like idiots (talking.singing Chihuahua anyone?). Sure there were some good actions films, but 2008 was a year of films that rarely made me think. Hopefully we'll fare a bit better with some promising films coming out in 2009 that look to be artsy, entertaining, and don't dumb things down:

(6) Reading. Yes, reading. In an age where soundbites and summaries are becoming the normal way of getting information, don't forget to pick up an actual book. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever...but don't let anyone convince you that reading doesn't matter or is outdated.

7. A President whom we can be proud of:

Images from Style, Net-a-Porter, eLuxury, and Design Sponge


Anonymous said...

like the list, like the bright colors, like the DIY decorating (am tired of all of the "Bland" on HGTV),definitely like the idea of actually reading, hope you are right about the moves and really hope you are right about Obama!

Good-Grace said...

Love this compilation... especially your last addition. :)