Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nick . No . More

I've officially decided that while Nicholas Cage is free to buy however many houses he chooses, he's no longer allowed to decorate any of them. I sort of thought this when I saw his New Orleans house, and now after seeing the inside of his Bel Air mansion, I'm certain:

cage - bel air house 3 cage - bel air house 4
cage - bel air house 2 cage - bel air house 5

What is, by all accounts, a stunning house outside, has been done up to look like a cave on the inside. Kelly Wearstler where are you?

Source: Luxist


briannelee said...


drollgirl said...

i love the outside! but a TOTAL RE-DO is necessary on the inside!!!

and i loved him SO MUCH in raising arizona, but he sure has done some clunky movies since then! whew!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Omg, ivy covered brick walls. I'm in love.

And yeah, hideous inside.

parisienish said...

seriously, it's one big man cave. blaahhh