Thursday, June 18, 2009

Numero . Korea . June 2009

All of the best fashion editorials seem to come from non-US publications lately: Numero, Muse, Velvet, VS, Dansk, etc. etc. The US definitely needs to catch up a smidge, if only because I can't afford to subscribe to all of these wonderful overseas mags!

But alas, I'm in love with spreads like the one below, with its mostly washed out palette and contained pops of color:

numero korea june 2009 2 numero korea june 2009 3 numero korea june 2009 4
numero korea june 2009 5 numero korea june 2009 6

Source: tFS


Kasey said...

fabulous photo's just fabulous!!

Lilith said...

yea, i am finding us fashion editorials becoming increasing boring.

Modelizer said...

gorgeous images! who is the photographer?

us mags need to look outside of this fake film flash stuff and get back to making truly interesting images...not catalog cheese that's been popping up every where recently.