Tuesday, March 2, 2010

500 . Days . of . Summer

I finally got around to seeing 500 Days of Summer. I'll use white text in this post from here on out, so that if you haven't seen it yet, it won't be spoiled for you. If you want to read on, just highlight the rest of the post and the text will show up.

This move made me feel very, very cranky. For no apparent reason. But you can ask B. - I was definitely ornery when he got home. Up until the last 15 minutes or so, I LOVED this movie. I have a crush/crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt and a total girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.

But I was kind of devastated when they didn't end up together, when she left him TO MARRY someone else.

Don't get me wrong, it's refreshing and wonderful when a romantic comedy/drama doesn't have a happily-ever-after ending. However, these two had such great chemistry and were so clearly meant for each other, it seemed unfeasible that she'd leave him for someone else.

Maybe this film is just more difficult to watch because it mirrors the experience that so many people go through, and there's no sugar-coating. But whatever it is, I certainly feel more than a pinch of disappointment.

The end.


Teresa @ good-grace said...

omg... to begin with - your post is genius - to use the white text!? Brilliant.
Secondly... I hadn't seen the movie - but I've been wanting to, and I probably still will. But, really? I'd be freaking peeved if I hadn't already been given the dirt here in your post. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way. "Cranky" is exactly how I described the feeling I got.

The Style Revolution said...

I have to agree.... GENIUS with the white text

Tamuna said...

I was also irked at the end of the movie. It's still a beautiful movie though, with unique approach to traditional Hollywood romances!

shellbell said...
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shellbell said...

hi - i deleted my comment because i just realized i gave the movie away in it, which you so creatively tried to avoid!

the point of my comment was that i didn't get cranky or irked... it kind of helped me in the forgiveness department :)

drollgirl said...

i bawled and bawled through this movie, most likely because i went through a break up not that long ago that still leaves me in tears. sigh. all of this stuff is so hard, and i guess the movie portrayed that very well.

the dance sequence was just so fabulous. but much of the rest crushed me. wah.

and gordon is such a cutie and so charismatic. one gets the feeling that he is a great guy on and/or off screen. :)

megan said...

i loved this movie for exactly the reason you said: because it mirrors an experience so many of us have gone through. we're not alone.

and i actually found a lot of hope in the line, "you were right. you just weren't right about me." even if it doesn't work out with one person, love is still out there.

i'm probably too optimistic and/or naive for my own good, but while it was heart-wrenching, i definitely left feeling hopeful. and the light and music during the train scene almost made me cry, it was so beautiful.

nowandthenboutique said...

that's so cute, using white text to write a secret little message, you just mad my day, lol
i felt the same way about the ending but i loved the way the movie was shot, felt like i was watching a mainstream/arty filmclip. i think it's a movie i could watch again though.


I agree! I felt awful after watching this film. I thought it was going to be one I could watch again until the end, you were just waiting for her to come right back.