Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty . of . London . for . Target

Liberty of London's limited edition collaboration with Target is finally here!! Click here to get some of the sold out collection, or follow the link on the right-hand side of the blog!!

I snatched up some of the blouses and dresses, which are infinitely prettier on than they are in photos or even on the hanger!!


The Style Revolution said...

Great image... So colorful!

elsiee said...

See now I'm confused - I was just at Target yesterday and the Gaultier collection was still in full swing! Guess I'll do a drive by after work today too!

Pretty Little World said...

^^ None of our Targets got the Gaultier collection -- I was disappointed because I wanted to see what the trench coat was like, and it was all sold out online :(

Anonymous said...

I am loving this new collection for Target... I can't wait to pick up some fabulous pieces to add to my own Spring waredrobe!!


laura may said...

I just love how that photo is just jam packed with floral & busy patterns. It's gorgeous. Thanks for another lovely post.