Friday, September 17, 2010

Property . Lust

I'm not saying that this is true across the board, but from what I can tell, people who are lucky enough to live in Europe seem to have an enviable problem when it comes to apartment searching: "Do I choose the insanely pretty apartment, or the other insanely pretty apartment?"

I feel that I have support for this, as the other day on Su Casa a woman was asking people to help her choose which apartment she should rent. I wanted to post that I would kill someone to be able to live in either, but then thought better of it.

My experiences with apartment hunting in Michigan have gone more like this: "Well, it's clean, and I could get used to the blood red color on the walls," or, "This is so pretty! I suppose one of us could get a second job to be able to pay for it."

I've tried to talk the boy into moving to Europe, but his only response has been a laugh that makes me think it's not happening anytime soon.

Pics: Alvhem


Indie.Tea said...

What a very cool and unique space! I love the way it looks so modern yet has all those old-world details...

tee said...

That backsplash! I die.