Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On . ETSY . Now { Spring Teal }

1. vintage . 1960s . LILY POND . watercolor . dress, $68.00
2. Turquoise Vintage style classic Butterflies, $4.99
3. Season - 14x11 print, $48.00
4. Mathilda , French Vintage, 1960s Minty Green Satchel, $69.00
5. Gold and Turquoise Pow Wow Princess Moccasins, $129.00


elsiee said...

that satchel is killing meeeeee!

Pretty Little World said...

I know, right? Isn't that color insane? Love it.

G said...

that colour make me crazy!!! It's all the fault of tiffany!!! ;)))

Kristina said...

Love the colour - and I especially love the bag, simply wonderful!!
Have a lovely weekend, Kristina

Suzanne said...

ooohhhh butterflies i love their colour

S.L.North said...

lovely color!
beautiful post ;)
many thanks for including my butterflies!
Sasha @the gilded bee


What a lovely surprise to come back from a work trip to....thank you for including my vintage bag on your lovely blog :) x