Monday, August 1, 2011


We've not been in Montreal very long, but it's positively wonderful! Montreal seems to be a combination of very old bits - brick streets and copper topped cathedrals - and also the restaurants, shops, and bars that make big cities so enticing.

It's thunderstorming this afternoon, so we're in for at least a few hours, but at least the morning was filled with hopping about to different record stores and a few vintage shops.

The food has been incredibly tasty so far - last night we wolfed down broccoli and tomato quiche, with pickled beet salad, and baby corn + artichoke salad. Then today we grabbed lunch from a deli around the corner - falafel pita wraps with pickles, tomatoes, and hummus, + a barley salad. We're right in the middle of a district where every other storefront is a restaurant, so I can't wait to try some more yummy things!


sécia said...

How funny, I posted a hibiscus photo today too. Lovely shots.

♥ sécia

Victoria said...

How exciting! I did my undergrad in Montreal, and I still go back fairly often for a few days here and there. :) I'm glad you're enjoying your trip! I'm sure you have tons of food plans already, but if you were planning to get poutine I recommend Patati Patata at Rachel and St. Laurent, or for brunch, Beauty's at Mont-Royal and St. Urbain. Have you been walking on St. Denis? It's a pretty neat area, with yet another of my favourite places to eat, Juliette & Chocolat (near de Maisonneuve). Oh, and did you know the majority of the museum of fine arts is actually free?

Sorry to go on so much - I'll leave you to your explorations! :)

Pretty Little World said...

Thank you for the recommendations! My brother-in-law was talking about seeking out a place for poutine just a few hours ago!

We actually did a lot of walking on St. Denis today! It was so packed with restaurants and little shops - I completely loved it!

I didn't know about the museum either - thanks for the tip! If there are any other things that you recommend, please feel free to go on some more - I'm happy to get suggestions from someone who's familiar with the city! Thank you!! xoxo

Courtney said...

Oh, sounds lovely. I've always wanted to go to Montreal or Toronto. I am sad that summer's nearly over, and soon it'll be time to grade papers again. Enjoy your trip!

KristiMcMurry said...

Looks like a beautiful place! I'm jealous of all the good food you're getting to eat :)

Karissa said...

Great pictures! Enjoy Montreal :)

Blicious said...

gorgeous pics!!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! So excited when I saw this! I love this city very much :) Thanks for posting such great pictures of my home!


klara said...

i used to live in montreal! thanks for making me nostalgic!