Sunday, October 16, 2011

Antique . Harvest . Festival

Yesterday's Antique Harvest Festival was lovely, fun, and challenging all in one. The show is spread out across the grounds of a centennial farm - the main home is a completely redone Victorian - with some vendors in the redone farm buildings, and some outdoors.

We were outdoors, as typically in October, you have beautiful sun, a little bit of cooler fall weather, and lots of colorful foliage. We did indeed have all of that yesterday, but as well: 20 - 30 mph gusts of wind. That made for some unique challenges: holding up garment racks of clothes; picking up (again and again) pretty floral decorations; and grabbing up vintage metal tins that would occasionally scatter off of their tables.

All in all though it was a lovely show. I sold a lot of vintage lab ware, + some coats went to new homes! My favorite sale: an older women, probably in her late 70s, who tried on a 1950s wool boucle coat with a ginormous fox fur collar, and then promptly nodded her head to declare that that was "the one."


briannelee said...

I wish I could have made it! I was sick this past week so I spent Saturday on the couch. I owe you an email!!!

Pretty Little World said...

^^ So sorry that you were sick! I just got over being sick, so how I know how crappy it is to have stuff you want to do, but then being completely unable.

Feel better soon!!

Theresa said...

I so wish I could have visited with you more... you had such beautiful clothes and I didn't even get to see everything! My friend Julie said that she bought a coat from you and she loves it, and if this weather doesn't change soon she'll be able to wear it before long. I did a post too but didn't get to take any pics of you guys before you took it all down, I took all of my pics on Fri. night, and then on Sun. morn. before the people started coming again. I so wish I would have been able to get shots of the outdoor vendors, especially all my favorite girls xoxo so a soldering date soon? t. xoxooxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Pretty.Little.World --
I was the gal that was set up next to you at the Centennial Farm sale -- Bigbrowndog! Your clothing and vintage items were gorgeous! We certainly did have windy weather on that Saturday, but by Sunday, it had calmed down a bit and the sun even came out a few times! You would have done quite well. A few folks even came back on Sunday and asked me about you. They wanted to see more! Jill has a great farm, home and location and I hope to see you all next fall there!

Courtney said...

this looks awesome!