Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY { Metallic Antlers }

Don't really ask me why, but whenever I see antlers going inexpensively at auction, I buy them. If my parents are with me, they're always, "What are you going to do with those?" And my typical response: "I don't know."

But I want them and buy them anyway. So I have kind of a lot of small sets of antlers sitting about my house. Some are in my bathroom -- I drape bracelets over them as a means of both storing and displaying the jewelry. Some are in boxes.

Yesterday I was at the Hobby Lobby looking for stamps, and as happens in all good craft stores, I wandered, at some point ending up standing in front of a whole slew of spray paint. Spray paint that was ON SALE.

Well, what can I spray paint? Antlers. Of course.

What You'll Need: Some old newspapers, ads, paper, etc. + 1 can of glossy spray paint (I used metallic gold) + 1 set of antlers. Total cost: $5.00.

Step 1: Make sure that you've got about an hour - two hours of sunshine on a relatively warm day. Spread out the newspaper outdoors (it's not really a great idea to spray paint inside, fumes what they are and all) and place the antlers on top of the paper.

Shake the spray paint can for about 1 minute, hold the can 10" - 12" away from the antlers, and then spray, trying to cover all of the nooks and crannies.

Step 2: Let the first side dry to the touch, about 20 minutes. Flip the antlers over and repeat step 1 on any unpainted areas. Let dry about an hour.

And there you have it! Shiny antlers!

Other uses for the antlers: wall hanging, holiday tablescapes, secure them to a wall and use as a coat + purse hook.


Secondhand Stella said...

Love this idea! I want to get one or two pairs to use as necklace hangers.

A Wild Tonic said...

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Leiah said...

The once-live-on-a-deer antlers make me a little bit squeemish, but I will agree that gold spray paint makes everything look cool! I've done this before with tree branches for an equally sweet look.

Courtney said...

i like the idea of draping jewelry over them. who wouldn't want shiny antlers strewn about the house?

Anonymous said...

looks petty cool :)

Amanda said...

if only i could FIND some antlers! We have a set of bull horns...but its just not the same!

surfpa816 said...

I'd love to find some antlers! Never thought about an auction, but I've never been to one. Must add to my "to do" list. Thanks!

surfpa816 said...

I'd love to have some antlers and never thought about an auction. I've never been to one, so must add to my "to do" list. Thanks!