Sunday, October 23, 2011


I go through cycles (cycles = more sophisticated way of saying "phases") where I want to go out and get a lot of one kind of things: coats, bags, shoes, kitchen gadgets, whatever. And then I do, and then move onto the next thing.

Currently I'm a bit obsessed with nail polishes. For at least a month or so, I did nothing with my nails (other than just keep them up, of course). And then recently there's been a little "New colors! New colors!" voice. So I've been changing my nails every couple of days + collecting many new shades.

The Metallics: Revlon's {1} Gold Coin {2} Silver Dollar {3} Copper Penny

The Reds: {1} Chanel Vamp {2} Revlon Frankly Scarlet

The Neutrals: {1} Essie Mamba {2} Chanel Beige Petale {3} Revlon Sheer Nude {4} Essie Marshmallow

The Blacks: {1} Chanel Steel {2} Revlon Black Lingerie {3} Chanel Noir Ceramic

The Neons: {1} Chanel L.A. Sunrise {2} Face Plum Forgot {3} Chanel Mimosa

The Pinks: {1} Revlon Innocent {2} Essie E-Nuf is E-Nuf {3} Chanel Morning Rose {4} Chanel Riviera
{5} Urban Outfitters Pink 1 {6} Chanel Mistral {7} Chanel Melrose

The Glitters: {1} Wet-N-Wild Party of Five Glitters {2} Sally Hanson Strobe Light {3} Maybelline Pink Stars
{4} Maybelline All I Want Is Purple {5} Sinful Queen of Beauty {6} Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Some of these I've had for some time now (Chanel's Noir Ceramic is my ultimate holy grail polish, and I was lucky enough to find one in Chicago when it was first released), and some are brand spankin' new.

I do also clean out my collection from time-to-time. Sometimes colors catch my eye in the store, but they're not for me. For instance, those pretty little blue colors look oh so lovely in the bottle, but I kind of can't stand them once they're on my nails.

I also know that some people are a smidge intimidated by the cost of the Chanel polishes (they're up to $25.00 a pop), but Chanel makes some seriously drool-worthy colors + the colors don't separate like cheaper polishes do, so you can hang onto them for years and years.

I'm currently coveting "Knees Up" by Butter London, but would love to hear what shades all of you swoon over!


rolala said...

My wardrobe consists of alot of colors & prints so I tend to keep my nails on the neutral side. Chanel polishes are expensive but they do wear well. One of my faves is Chanel Violette and I'm also all about Butter London's All Hail The Queen.

random cat said...

i'm looking at the first 3 or 4 pictures thinking those are great fall colors, and then the yellow and pink pop up and it's like yey adventure :D i love them all and have you seen this ?
she does it with neons but its great with more neutral fall colors. i spent the whole afternoon perfecting the technique and i also wear it on one finger only, its really cute and a conversation starter for sure :)

ana b. said...

This is quite the collection. I agree with your take on the quality of Chanel polishes but I would only ever buy Chanel polish in classic colours so that I could keep using it. More trendy colours like the pastels and peppermint green than come and go, I just use really cheap stuff. For summer, a classic colour for me is this really beautiful coral colour by Mecca Cosmetica.