Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage . vs . Runway

A recent issue of Marie Claire magazine had a fun spread on really vivid pieces for fall. I was immediately attracted to a gorgy bright kelly green sweater coat... until I saw the price tag. The coat, by Les Copains, was listed at $2895.00. Not gonna happen.

The coat was especially a tease as I'd remembered something very similar from a vintage shop in Cleveland... something very similar that I had, of course, not purchased.

Though as luck would have it, it was still there on this last trip!

Mine has a little wear ("character") to it, though as it's virtually the same coat, and substantially less $$$, I'll take it.


briannelee said...

So pretty! Love it. I can see why you don't want to part with it ;)

random cat said...

i like when something like that happens. those pieces usually become favorites + you'll give it much more character :) it's a great coat!
ps what happened to camel from before :D :D?

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Gah! I'm swimming in coats right now! I bought the camel one too!

::: hiding my head in shopping shame :::

Theresa said...

love it! t. xoxox