Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home . Lust . Heart . Attack { x2 }

raking leaves + then jumping into giant leaf piles
martinis outdoors in the evening
taking the dog for walks
reading in the yard on a plaid flannel blanket
going to a nearby orchard to pick apples for pie
morning jogs
having bonfire parties


things I'd do if I lived in either of these amazing houses.

Photos: Cape Cod Collegiate and Kezwan on Flickr


briannelee said...

Both houses are so pretty! You can still do some of the things on your list w/o these houses, though ;)

Pretty Little World said...

I'd have to borrow the dog though ;)

random cat said...

that's the first thing i thought- you need a dooooog :)
these are amazing and so different than what you can see here in Serbia. i mean there are pretty houses here, of course but the architecture is so much different, although the surroundings look pretty similar...

A Wild Tonic said...

You can live in one of these houses if I can live in the other one. Deal?

ps. I have two dogs and I'm willing to share! ;)

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Sold! :)

Karissa {Tragic and Lovely} said...

I love these photos! I'd do those things with a house like these too.