Wednesday, February 27, 2008

jovovich-hawk....for Target!!!

There's a possibility that I'm the last person to know this, but I'll share anyways.

This morning as I was finishing up putting some new items in the store, I sat down with my coffee and my March issue of Vogue. When I got roughly a quarter of the way through, my eyes nearly popped out of my head - I was so excited I could hardly finish the promo blurb: Jovovich-Hawk is the newest label to design for Target's GO International Collection!!

Now I'm not always a fan of what designers do for their Target collections - I've worn my Proenza Schouler striped cotton tee to death, but all I could think when I saw Erin Featherston's pieces up close was, "really?" - but I would crawl across a parking lot of broken glass to get my hands on some of the Jovovich-Hawk pieces. (Well, maybe safety glass.)

This shirt/culottes combo below is polished, yet still has their typical hippie vibe to it:

And I can only hope that this gorgeous slouchy bag will be available come March 2nd (when their collection debuts):

UPDATE: So Jovovich-Hawk is at only one of my four local Targets, and now that Target has even less! I snapped up way more than I should have, but the pieces are even prettier in person! Here are just a few of the things I bought:

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