Thursday, February 28, 2008

we ♥ Phillip Lim...a lot

There are a number of designers whom I adore, but none so much as Phillip Lim. He's been the head of his eponymous label since 2004, and not one of his collections - in fact, not one garment - has been a let down. Each piece looks meticulously crafted, elegant, and utterly wearable.

The 2008 Resort Collection has some amazing looks; a particular favorite is the pleat front black maxi gown ($788.00, available at, shown below with a simple cardigan - such a chic combination!

Lim's Fall 2008 collection (though I hate to be thinking about fall in February) was nothing less than spectacular. While Marc Jacobs (see post below) sent a slew of shapeless garments down the runway, Lim sent out a combo of billowy and structured pieces.

The pieces are all perfect for layering, give you a bit of extra room, and yet you can still see the woman in the garments - these clothes are feminine, edgy, and flattering.

Phillip Lim - Pretty Little World loves you!!

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