Saturday, February 23, 2008

spring. fashion. inspired. by...

Nateasa, one of my dear friends. She now lives very far away in Iowa, but when she was wandering about in Michigan, she always had the cutest personal style. So I thought that I might introduce some cute.lovely spring fashion that reminds me of her!

One of the best places to get adorable dresses and cropped cardigans.jackets for spring is Anthropologie. Thankfully the Anthro store closest to me is over an hour a way, or I'd be tempted to to make a little visit each week.

Some things that are particularly cute this spring (and so Nateasa-esque) are:

1. This little cropped jacket with Peter Pan collar and whimsical bird design ($118.00)

2. Dresses from Anthro are always particularly fun (though not necessarily cheap). Two standouts from this season are the Dinette Dress ($148.00)

and what I'm going to call the Lace Garden Dress (beacuse their name - the lay of the land dress - is horrid)($298.00)

Finally, no spring clothes are complete without jewelry (as it's finally not covered up by layers of scarves, mittens, and coats). The perfect accent is this delicate bird ring by Linda and Jen Ackerman ( for only $7.50!!

Happy "thinking ahead to spring day!"

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Cheers darlin'! said...

I am absolutely infatuated with that little jacket! I do love the anthropologie magazine & have been making cards with the pages.
I was just browsing their website for dress ideas for a few upcoming weddings and I feel totally lost. Kris & I have 3 weddings this summer and I am in dire need of new dresses but am unsure how I can buy nice dresses without breaking our "summer wedding budget" since we have to travel to san francisco and michigan twice. Any guidance you can offer would be beyond wonderful :)
broke barista