Friday, February 29, 2008

spring. baubles.

A lot of the clothing that was seen on the spring runways was ornate - either the fabric was bright and had bold patterns (lots of florals) or there was a lot of beading/detail work on the garments. When you're wearing pieces such as these, you need to keep your accessories to a minimum - the garment does all of the work for you.

But I'm also a fan of minimalism when it comes to clothing; simple dresses in muted colors. An easy way to dress up pieces of this kind is to add one piece of statement jewelry. The following aren't creations that you'd wear every day - they're special, a little pricey, and perfect for spring.

Justin Giunta makes some of my favorite jewelry. His pieces are chunky, glamorous, and you won't find anything else like them. One of his loveliest gems is his Floral Hermitage Necklace ($1600.00,

Michal Negrin is an Israeli born designer and each piece of hers - necklaces, cuff bracelets, rings, earrings - is a fantasy. The bracelet below wraps around the wrist, and then extends to a ring. You can take a peek at this at

I have one Negrin's cuff bracelets, and it was worth every penny. I love how intricate (and sparkly!) it is, and so do others - the first time I wore it out, a women (literally) dropped what she was doing and ran across the room to look at the bracelet up close.

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