Thursday, February 21, 2008

oh. my. marc!

I understand that Marc Jacobs is busy. Really busy. He now has roughly 10,000 different labels that he's designing for. Yet when you're that in demand, I guess I kind of hope there's a reason for it.

Now, I Mr. Jacobs - my wardrobe is all the better for my Marc by Marc cherry red mary janes - but after looking at his Marc Jacobs Spring and Fall 08 collections, some doubt (teeny doubt) has slipped in.

There were some truly stunning dresses in the spring collection, such as the best.most wonderful fantasy floral dress ever:

but there were, pieces that he let his team's children glue things to?

After 30 seconds of wearing this skirt IRL, you would have tripped three people and been dragged down by a car.bicycle.any moving thing that you just got stuck to.

He didn't do any better with the fall pieces, and perhaps did much worse, as there really were no gems. Most of the models were covered in these sack/pod-like things:

Help! Where is the Marc Jacobs I know and love? Please come back! My closet needs you!

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Cheers darlin'! said...

Initially those yellow gloves looked almost latex-like. The color is identical to those silly rubber dish washing gloves. I mean, I am all for the domestic goddess look but yowser.
While on the topic of gloves - do you have any thoughts on integrating classic gloves into everyday attire?

Kristen said...

I think that gloves - esp. delicate little gloves from the 1940s and 50s - are fabulous for everyday wear. I especially like the idea of little black gloves with jeans and a t-shirt. That would be totally hot!