Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pretty . little . pail . pals

One thing that my mother has that I don't is "the crafty gene." I can do some things - crochet, sew a bit, glue things, etc. - but I wouldn't consider myself a "crafter." Instead, I got the "fashion," "design," and "I-unfortunately-like-a-lot-of-things-that-I-can't-afford" genes.

My mother is an excellent crafter, but it took LOTS of prodding to be able to get her to open up her own ETSY store. Lots. But after some time, she finally did, and her first listings are cute.cute.cute.

These little Pail Pals are great for holding, well, whatever needs holding! Flowers, Pencils (thanks Joanna!), etc.


kate said...

Oh how fun! love it!

Natalie said...

how darling!