Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Design: Bathroom/Bedroom

I the idea of having a vintage looking tub mixed in with the bedroom! At first these two elements seem completely mismatched, but the combination creates the feel of an old-word dressing quarters (albeit luxurious ones with modern amenities). You would have to have exactly the right room and bathtub for this -- and I'd still want a stand-alone shower and the rest of the bathroom in an actual bathroom -- though I can't get over the idea of having my bedroom feel like a little getaway!

Pics from Domino Magazine and Apartment Therapy


Project Ecoart said...

My favorite is the one with the mother/daughter. That was in Domino right? Loved the daughter's bedroom they featured too.

If my house were set up right I would do it for sure.

Pretty Little World said...

^^It was from Domino, and I've had it in my mind ever since I first saw it! The daughter's bedroom was gorgeous as well -- the way that she draped rich fabrics throughout her room was really stunning!

Linda said...

LOL. I loved the first one.