Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Repo . the . Genetic . Opera

This is easily the most fun, visually interesting, completely worthwhile film that I've seen recently. I highly recommend it - but that being said, it probably won't be for everyone. It's a rock opera, so, no dialogue, lots of singing. And it's a horror film (lots of kind of silly looking organ removal). And Paris Hilton is in it (although she's surprisingly not annoying).

And it's brilliant. The cinematography is mesmerizing (watch it on Blu-Ray if possible). Most of the songs are so much fun, particularly the "organ jingle" for Gene Co.

A lot of the best parts go to people no one has ever heard of. The Grave Robber is played by someone who's only written and done art for storyboards on other films, and he's fantastic. Anthony Head - as Repo Man - will be recognized by people who used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- I'm totally smitten with him.



Natalie said...

oh, i didn't realize anthony head was in this! i looove giles. can't wait to see it! said...

ooooh, I will have to do a search for this. Is that Sarah Brightman, it sort of looks like her btw!

Jennifer said...

OMG!!!! I effing LOVE Repo! Alexa Vega is a great singer. ANd Graverobber is extremely sexy :)