Monday, June 22, 2009

Farmers . Market

After recently reading about how much fuel it takes to ship produce to the grocery store, B. and I have decided to try and lessen our carbon footprint by buying as much of our produce as we can from our local farmer's market.

This past Saturday was our first trip this year, and it's so difficult not to go overboard and buy absolutely everything!

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There are booths where you can buy everything from locally made honey (so good!) to fresh fish to organic goat cheese!!


briannelee said...

That looks so nice! I also like buying local as much as possible.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

good for you - good thing organic food is becoming more accessible, and showing up at more markets!

drollgirl said...

YUM!!! they really do have the best and freshest fruits and veggies. i need to do this!! it is kind of a trek for me to get to a good farmer's market, but i need to do it!!!

Awesome Sara said...

i love places like this. i try to buy as local as possible but the farmers market here is indoors and doesnt have as much appeal as the one here.

alissa said...

thats awesome! i agree - markets like that can be overwhelming with all of the goodies, its hard to not take a little of everything home