Thursday, June 18, 2009


I need a couple of new pairs of running shorts. These do double-duty for when I actually go running, and are comfortable to work around the house. As I'm klutzy and get paint all over whatever I'm wearing, these need to be cheap also. So, Forever21 seems the best option, as they usually have racks of such clothes.

When I stop by today, of course, I can't find anything but teeny.tiny jean shorts. So I ask:

Me: Did you guys get rid of all of your sweat shorts?
Sales Girl: What?
Me: Do you not carry jogging shorts any more?
Sales Girl: Like, leggings?
Me: No, I'm looking for running shorts.
Sales Girl: **confused look**
Me: Like sweatpants, but shorts.
Sales Girl: **in snotty tone** Um, we don't sell sweatpants.
Me (the "in my head" version): What are you talking about? You have them all of the time. I have several pairs that I've purchased here before. And seriously - a condescending tone? You're a clerk. A CLERK AT FOREVER21!! **Huffy walk out of the store**
Me (real me): Um, thanks.

Isn't there some kind of interview that people have to go through to get hired?


briannelee said...

Hahahahahaha, this is funny.

I got some really good cotton running shorts at Modells Sporting Goods.

Dionne said...

LoL, I have these little "in my head" responses like this whenever I am at the post office.

drollgirl said...

GOD!!! it can be so frustrating dealing with these types!!!!! sometimes (rarely!) you deal with super folks in retail, and sometimes (OFTEN!) you get stuck with complete dolts or worse! maddening. sometimes i just would rather shop on-line. it is quiet and inoffensive. ;)

Awesome Sara said...

Oh no!!! that is so funny but sad. i hope she was pretty bc she sounds like such a tard. have you gone to like sports authority for sophie shorts??? i wear them around the house and when i use to cheer. they are like $7 each and come in oodles of colors. they are cotton shorts

melanie said...

oh gosh! i hate it when salesclerks are like that!

Lilith said...

ick, what a nasty person.

they do carry sweat shorts all the time, but i do warn--they're super short.

TheBeautyFile said...

omg...this is one of the funniest posts i've read this week..."shorts? ummm...leggings?" lolool

Good-Grace said...

I LOVE this... hilarious!!

maxyel said...

ughhhhh *irritation* go to zara, to the trf section, is like forever 21.

aly said...

i ran into a snotty sales clerk at forever 21 also! it must be in the job description!

Shanna Suburbia said...

You should submit stuff like this to "Not Always Right". =P