Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In . the . Details

When I've seen photos of couture collections before, I've always been moved by the beauty of the pieces - the fit, the movement, the color, the glamour - all stunning, all works of art.

Yet until I saw the Gaultier collections up close, "work of art" really just meant "very pretty." Without seeing close-ups, it's nearly impossible to appreciate how much work goes into making every.single.garment.

The dress above contained one of my favorite surprises. From even a few feet away, the dress looked as though it was crafted from fur. But no. The entire thing is beaded. All of it. Beaded. How long that would take even the more seasoned couturier, I can hardly imagine.

Another wonderful detail was on this pair of tights - someone had taken a regular pair of tights, and then cut out teeny leather pieces and then stitched them to the tights to make them look like real python skin. My eyes go wide just thinking about it.


Theresa said...

amazing... I wish I had half of the attention span that those people must have! Really incredible, I can't believe the fox gown is beaded, but an thankful that it is! t. oxoxoxo

thekellytang said...

Wow, such exquisite work! Especially the beading on that animal dress!

<3 Kelly