Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Montreal . Part . Deux

Today was another lovely day in Montreal. We started out with a slow morning around the house, in which we filled our time with many cups of coffee and cappuccino muffins from the deli around the corner. (Calorie free, right??)

I then (according to him) tricked B. into going shopping at my "fashion-y stores" - I scooped up a couple of inexpensive pieces of jewelry from H&M, but otherwise came away empty handed.

Then we took the Metro back up to Mont-Royal and found some ridiculously well-stocked record stores. I forgot my fancy camera, and so had to make due with the iPhone (a few pictures coming later) and so my prime catch of the day is a snippet of this kind.of.perfect.kind.of.amazing street music - someone playing a jawbone + someone tap dancing? Yes please!!

I hope that everyone else is having a week that's just as smashing! Happy Tuesday!


MissBliss said...

Coffee, cappuccino muffins, and street music-- you're speaking my language! Music and jewelry finds--icing on the cake!

xo xo from Miami Beach

sécia said...

Wow, playing the jaw bone. Very cool.

♥ sécia

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

so fun! And it seems to me since you and B found record stores - that balances out the shopping!