Sunday, July 27, 2008

12 . days . and . counting...

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Seoul, South Korea and will be gone for the next 12 days. I'm terribly excited for the trip, and will try to post an update every now and then, but don't know how often I'll be at the computer.

So along with the wonderful.fabulous.always enjoyable blogs listed to the right, here are a few stories to keep you (hopefully) entertained:

♥ American Apparel seems doomed to continue churning out borderline pornographic ads that have little to do with what they sell

♥ Absolutely everything is worth reading/looking at/devouring at Oh Joy

This site seems to only have one image, but it's fascinating

♥ I've always told my fiance that I would like to have an owl and name him Fox (though this is both strange and impractical). Oddly enough, this blog has a post on this woman's art that includes them side by side:

Slate reviews a horror film about paper bags

♥ Al Gore wants your help

Just Jared thinks the new 90210 series will be a "cult hit." Hmm...really?

and finally...

♥ I want to live in this hotel

Have a wonderful two weeks!!

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Good-Grace said...

oh my... can't wait to go check all of the links!!