Saturday, July 19, 2008

oh . my . stars

When YSL's Spring/Summer 08 collection debuted, I fell madly.helplessly.deeply in love with their oversized star necklaces. I knew that I would have to have one.

And then I found out that they cost several thousand dollars. And I knew that I would not actually be able to have one.

So when I went to Express yesterday - looking for basics; tees and sweaters, etc. -- I was startled and surprised to see a pretty little star necklace hanging on their jewelry rack. While it isn't quite the necklace that YSL made, at $34.95, it was definitely coming home with me!


Vain and Vapid said...

It's crazy that they would rip them off so blatantly but I love it nonetheless.

PrettyLittleWorld said...

Yeah -- it happens ever season -- I'm sure it won't be long before there's something like it at Forever21 too. But it was so cute, I couldn't help myself ;)