Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A little parcel arrived in the mail today, and what better to find inside than Chanel!! Until last week I had been waitlisted for their limited edition Robertson Blvd. nail polish (yes, at Chanel, even nail polish has a waitlist). I ordered three of the four colors: Rodeo Drive (lilac), Melrose (pink), and L.A. Sunrise (pastel yellow).

The colors are even lovelier than I expected - the yellow and pink are perfect spring and summer colors! The lilac is quite a pretty shade, but it just isn't for me, and so onto eBay it goes (you can find it here)

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kate said...

i have the lilac and i love it!! it is just awesome on. i have been wearing it since i received it and have received numerous compliments. someone should scoop yours up!