Thursday, July 17, 2008

pretty . little . travel

Lately I've been obsessed with trying to put together the perfect travel outfit. It seems that no matter how I start out the flight, and no matter how much I like my outfit at the beginning of the day, I feel rumpled and perfectly unpolished by the time the plane has landed.

So there has to be an outfit out there that = looks great before, during, and after the flight.

While the two pairings below are quite different, both are composed of comfortable, yet stylish pieces (and some pretty little accessories, of course)!

What are your favorite stylish travel tips?


MR style said...

the look near the trench-coat is damn cool !! very chloe sevigny style !! brilliant post !

Natalie said...

i travel between boston and la a lot--especially in the winter; my travel secret is a long and pretty coat to hide any wrinkled clothing and a great flat, which can be both stylish and comfortable.

Good-Grace said...

love BOTH of these outfits!

(sorry I don't have any travel tips - as I don't do much of that...)