Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pretty . little . day

My day today...

*woke up...late
*had coffee and read blogs
*went to the gym
*took new pics for the store
*sat around in the icky icky humidity
*took parcels to the post office
*became obsessed with these lovely Tom Ford sunnies:

*came to the coffee shop to add new items to the store
*realized I forgot to upload the pics and didn't bring my camera
*blog post
*going to See Wanted
*late dinner (tomato and chick pea soup over rice)
*watch another episode of Burn Notice on dvd. (this is a clever.funny show with Jeffrey Donovan - who's absolutely delicious! - and Bruce Campbell - who I got to meet this past winter!!)

1 comment:

Natalie said...

i love these sunnies! i like the idea of a slight cat eye twist to a big pair of sunglasses--well executed, tom ford!