Wednesday, July 23, 2008

pretty . little . outdoor . spaces

I'm always completely enamored when I see photos of nicely decorated backyard spaces. This is particularly true of the outdoor living rooms that seem to be in abundance in California. Wouldn't it be perfectly lovely to relax on the sofa, cocktail in one hand, good book in the other, AND be outside? I so want that.

And then I remember that I live in Michigan, where we have four seasons: Rainy/Cold, God-awful Humidity, Rainy/Cold, and Winter.

So until we either move someplace else, or global warming takes a stronger hold, I'll just have to settle for admiring others' pretty little spaces:

Photos from Domino Magazine


Natalie said...

the tree hung chandalier (sp) really adds a fairytale ambiance to the third picture; very romantic.

Krystal said...

Great blog! I loooove your header!

Krystal from what is reality anyway