Monday, September 7, 2009


I coming across new shops on ETSY, and I especially am excited when those new shops sell the most fabulous things! And there may be a teeny.smidge more excitement when those fabulous things are clothes!

It was difficult to keep such excitement in when I found PAULNKC through a comment on one of my posts here. I immediately sent out an e-mail asking if I could pretty.please do a feature on the shop.

The designs are modern and easily wearable for a lot of people:

Though what I most love about the clothes is the exquisite detailing on some of the pieces:

And in case you're just as smitten, here's a bit more about the designer of PAULNKC:

How did you get started in fashion? I was a fashion merchandise major in college...I love's my life.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I use a lot of celebrity looks as inspiration...I especially love the styles on Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen is like #1 on my style list. Oh and Rachel Zoe is to die for! Love her!

What's your own style like? A little of this a little of that. It changes day to day based on my mood. Sometimes I feel like being a "scenster"...sometimes a preppy school girl...whatever fits the way I feel when I'm getting dressed. I love can take the simplest outfit and add some huge accessories and it just changes the look completely.