Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today was a very long day. I had conferences with my writing students for much of the day, which is not bad, but very tiring. However, after I was done I knew I could look forward to running errands (aka, shopping). So in between, I decided to stop home to recoup for a minute.

When I get home, the house is a mess -- something I actually wouldn't care about at this point, until B. informs me that company is stopping by. Ugh. B. believes that he does not have to clean on his days off, but it's fine if I clean on my days off (or clean on the days I work for that matter). So this + company news = me, not happy.

Thankfully I must have accumulated some very good karma, because after cleaning the house (as well as possible), I not only go out shopping to find the blazer I'm hoping is still in store, but it's also in my size, AND it turns out to be made from cozy jersey fabric, AND it's 75% off!!

In my fantasy life I would also be able to pair it with these fabulous black buckle boots from Fiorentini & Baker (if that fantasy life involved me having a lot more money).

So I'm not sure if the blazer entirely made up for B. not wanting to do any cleaning ever, but it certainly helped!

P.S. -- I completely forgot to mention that the blazer is from AEROPOSTALE.


ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

The blazer is super cute - and since you will never change B (I know where of I speak on this one - they never change!) - maybe someday the boots will also come home with you!

Laura Trevey said...

LOVE this entire outfit!!
I'm so excited for boots.. jeans... and scarves weather :)

xo Laura

♥Aubrey said...

FaB.u.LouS outfit!!! I'll take the same one please.

Anonymous said...

You have such great style.

I love the blazer. Where'd you find it if you don't mind my asking?

briannelee said...

No way! That store is right across the street from where I work. I am totally going to check it out on my lunch break today.

My boyfriend always "lets" me do the laundry. It drives me insane.

Anonymous said...

I wish you health and happiness every day!
Ich wunsche Ihnen Gluck und Gesundheit jeden Tag!
Je vous souhaite sante et bonheur chaque jour!


briannelee said...

So I went to Aeropostale on my break and they did not have the blazer :(

drollgirl said...

argh! i hate how the chick generally gets stuck with the housework crap no matter what the work schedule is like!

on a happier note, congrats on getting such a rockin' deal on that great jacket! and i love those boots!!!! i have pair that are somewhat similar, but not quite as cool!

I am Cat said...

When it comes to doing the dishes, my friend's boyfriend will always fold his arms so his elbows are pointing out and cry out "I can't do the dishes, I have no hands!"
I think at first it worked... haha.

Adorable jacket, by the way! Congrats on the cute bargain!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

love. it. ALL!

I'm inspired to look good today...! (thank you!!) :)