Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wallpaper . {Crush}

Toward the end of the summer, both my exuberance for remodeling my new house and my desire to pour over new design ideas waned a bit. B. and I spent much of the summer working on getting things done in the house, and we just got a pinch tired. But now that a new season has arrived (after a much need "remodeling break"), my excitement for moving on to other rooms of the house has returned!

Last week I finally took the plunge and ordered the Osborne & Little "Davidia" wallpaper that I had been hemming and hawing about for awhile now:

It's going to go on one long wall in the dining room! I know that it's bold, but our paint color palette is fairly muted (greys, creams, white), so a bit of "wow" here and there will be marvelous.

Though now I must admit that I've got wallpaper on the brain. I'm still thinking about how to design my studio, and I'm considering a feature wall in this amazing paper from Anthropologie:

Part of it has a bird and a fish KISSING!! It's not cheap, but you wouldn't need much of it either.

What do you think about this wallpaper?? Also, based on the rooms that we've finished so far, does it seem like something that would go with the feel of the house?


Anonymous said...
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Amy Reads Good Books said...

I love the wallpaper! Sometimes, you just have to shut your eyes and give Anthropologie the money. It's worth it! :)

briannelee said...

I think its really pretty and would be fun in your studio. I really like the wallpaper you picked for your dining room as well.

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

The wallpaper for your studio would be perfect! So lovely!

The Cottage Cheese said...

I love the wallpaper you ordered for your dining room! You know how I feel about green and bold prints. I cannot wait to see this on your wall! The Anthro wallpaper is so lovely. It looks like perfect wallpaper for a studio: serene yet inspiring.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Love it! The bit of "wow!" would be lovely.