Saturday, September 26, 2009


Unless you live in someplace like Chicago, New York, or Toronto, the brick & mortar design resources that you have access to are pretty limited. This means a lot of online shopping for the perfect pieces for your home. Of all of the online browsing that I do, one of the loveliest stores that I've come across is Terrain.

Their b&m is located in Pennsylvania, but thankfully they've recently added an online shop! All of the items in the store have a rustic vibe, but they aren't too Country Living.

I'm kind of obsessed with their metal lanterns, all of which have designs that are hand-hammered:

Since the dining room wallpaper that we're getting has a bit of silver in the background, I think these would be the perfect accent!


briannelee said...


Briar Dawson said...

pretty pictures

Lilee said...

pretty pictures!

drollgirl said...

ohmyGOD i wish i was shopping there right now!

The Cottage Cheese said...

What a beautiful place to shop! Those lanterns are so lovely, I've never seen anything like them.