Thursday, November 3, 2011


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Question: When you think of your ideal home, what does it look like? Do you think in terms of aesthetics? For instance, yellow siding, Victorian style, pretty windows and doors.... Do you think in terms of features? Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large yard.... Or is it all about location? In the country, near a park, in the middle of a bustling city....

I must admit, when we were housing hunting about three years ago, I thought of an ideal house almost entirely in terms of features: We need to have two bathrooms. We should have an enclosed front porch. Etc.

Looking back on this, I wonder if this perspective comes from only ever being a renter. As when you're renting, space is the thing that you're concerned most about: how much room are we getting in relation to how much rent we're forking out each month?

Now, while I love the interior space that we have - and our features - I think about houses almost entirely in terms of aesthetics. Of course, with the market such as it is, we won't be selling + buying anytime soon. But it is something that may affect the choice we make whenever we do end up moving.

What about you??


lisa - archives vintage said...

this is something i think about every. single. day. we got our condo at the peak of the market, and as such, could only afford something small. now with the market as it is, what was supposed to be a starter home is now looking like a "for another 5 years or so" home. :(

with only 1 bed one bathroom and me running my shop out of the house, we've quickly outgrown it. i dream DAILY of a real house with 3 bedrooms...the luxury of having a guest room and a decent size office to store all my vintage! and a yard! sigh.....

Pretty Little World said...

^^ We bought a three bedroom, and since there's just the two of us, we thought, "Perfect! Our bedroom, B.'s music room, + my office." Well, then we made my office into a guest bedroom, and my "office" is really just the dining room or whatever other part of the house I drag the clothes into.

I, like you, long for a large enough space to use as my office/storage.

Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

omg, this post reminds me of the game of LIFE! i would always choose the victorian style homes. and to this day, i think that would still be my first choice. something with character!


Pretty Little World said...

I love the game of Life!! I just downloaded the game onto my iPhone not too long ago! Of course, it still has much more character with the actual board in front of you.