Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Model . Crush

This here is not just any model crush though. As reported on The Fashionisto, John Hein has recently been signed by Ford, which is crazy/amazing.

Why, you might ask?

He's my friend Theresa's son! He moved to California not so long and was spotted walking around at a flea market. And now he's a model. For serious.


random cat said...

that's a dream scenario:)
he is super cool!

Theresa said...

isn't he so cute? not that I am biased or anything! t.xxoxooxo

Pretty Little World said...

^^ I like all of the shots, but that second photo is my favorite!

Theresa said...

I liked the madmen looking one, minus the cig... John doesn't/won't smoke and the photographer kept the cig.going! too funny. i loved that he reassured me of it! t.xoxoxo