Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is It Time to Leave Yet?

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One of the nicest perks of working in academia is that every now and then a conference comes along that is in the most perfect location ever. For instance, the next World Congress of Philosophy, in August 2013, is in Greece. Yes, you heard that, Greece.

Greece, of course, is an incredibly expensive place to visit. So for a conference to pop up there, it's really as if the travel gods have smiled directly at you.

We have a year yet to submit papers / proposals for the conference, though this is certainly an opportunity that will be difficult to pass up!

Have any of you been to Greece before, or is it someplace that you'd like to escape to as well?


Sara said...

Beautiful! I would love to go. I went many years ago, summer of '88.
My partner is also a philosopher and has attended these conference ... Im going to have to ask him about this one! Conferences are certainly a perk!

random cat said...

Greece is the number 1 vacation spot for people here in Serbia, well since it's pretty close. It's beautiful Serbians feel at home there. There are places like Paralia where you don't have to speak Greek or English 'cause everyone speaks at least a few wors of Serbian:) I hope you get to go it's really a beautiful country you'd enjoy it.

makeupandpearls said...

wow, i would love to go there one day!

briannelee said...

Oooo, it is so gorgeous. I am jealous!!!!

Courtney said...

awesome!!! i went to greece while i was living in spain because it was not to far away. i went to athens and took a ferry to santorini and... a couple of other islands whose names are escaping me. every view looked like a postcard. it's the most amazingly gorgeous place to visit. i hope to go again. the food is good too.

*Daniƫlle said...

So beautiful.