Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Additions

Ever since I got my Fox dress form for the shop, I've been looking for an older version that's got some distressing to it. Though unless you're very lucky, they're typically a pinch on the expensive side, especially as more and more people look to use them to sell online.

These two Bauman dress forms were being sold as a pair, and I purchased them with every intention of selling one. So they arrived, and of course, they're both gorgeous.gorgeous.gorgeous in person, each with its own unique pattern of water stains and wear.

Then the hemming + hawing + lip biting started: which one do I part with?

Well, there's no harm in both of them just *resting* at my house for awhile, you know, while I choose, right?


Theresa said...

gaaaaaaaaaaaa! If you are able to sell even one of them, you are much, much stronger than I!!!! They are beyond fabulous (and since you KNOW me, you KNOW that I am over here clapping my hands and jumping up and down for you!) Have fun with them and enjoy what promises to be a sunshiny Sunday! t.xooxoxox

briannelee said...

Great find! If you can use them for your business then I think its ok to keep them both :)

Pretty Little World said...

^^ I have tried that rationale with other things: "Since I sell clothes, it's important that I dress nicely, to represent my business well. So buying this pair of shoes really is an investment."


Teresa @ good-grace said...

:) ha ha! LOVing that they are just having a "rest" at your home for awhile.... and honestly, I'm not sure I could part with either one. Great eye ... great buy!

Courtney said...

I really want some vintage dress forms. Someday. Someday. And those dresses are stunning. I want to wear the blue one.