Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

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I figure that most resolutions ends up by the wayside due to a couple of things: (1) they're really difficult to accomplish; and or (2) they're really unpleasant / things you don't actually want to do. So I'm simply choosing things that are manageable and fun. Well, mostly.

✔ Head over to Iceland this summer
✔ Keep my closet organized
✔ Take more photos
✔ Shop smarter, appreciate what I have
✔ Read more (anything)
✔ Play more games with people, not computers

Et Voila! A list that I'll actually want to get through, so that by this time next year I won't be agonizing over the things that I was *supposed* to do, but didn't.

Blog about your own resolutions? Leave the link here so we can all come and visit you!

Happy New Year Everyone!!


briannelee said...

Can I come to Iceland with you? It has been my lifelong dream to go there.

I am also going to be shopping smarter in 2012.

I am having Michelle Chang jewelry giveaway on my blog!

random cat said...

those are the resolution that lead to simpler and more sensible living, but are also fun and should be be the guidelines to live by for everyone...
i tried not to think of resolutions but now i have to :)

Pretty Little World said...

Brianne - Yes! You can come to Iceland with us! (But I'd have to win the lottery to pay for it.)

We've been trying to go for the last couple of years, and so finally this year I've just said, "we're going, end of story."

RC - I hope so! I'm not always terribly sensible, but I do want things to be simpler and more enjoyable - we'll see how it goes!!

Victoria said...

Those are some great resolutions! I especially love the games one... my friends and I have been playing a lot more games together in the past few months, our favourite is telephone pictionary, and you only need scrap paper and pencils for tons of pee-your-pants laughter!

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

Love all of them - especially the games!